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June's Monthly Meeting

This month we had an interactive talk by Peter Matejcic on South Australian frog species. We shared some our most favourite frog experiences, and identified some frog species. Some of the speices we learnt about include:

Limnodynastes dumerili Bullfrog or Eastern Banjo Frog

The Eastern Banjo frog can be identified by it's unique 'bonk' call, it has a smooth underside which can be smooth or marbled and its toes lack webbing.

Limnodynastes tasmaniensis Spotted Grass Frog

The spotted grass frog can be indentified by the marbled spots on its back, it is common for this species to have a stripe down the center of its back, however it is not apperent in all individuals, it is commonly found in grass and the underside is normally smooth and white.

Neobatrachus pictus Painted Frog

The painted frog can be identifeid by its marbled colouring, lack of webbing on its front toes whilst its back toes are partially webbed and a pale underside.

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